Civil War Chaplains

My colleague, John P. Deeben, recently published an excellent article on records in the National Archives about Union and Confederate Civil War chaplains. It is “Faith on the Firing Line: Army Chaplains in the Civil War,” Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration, Vol. 48, No. 1 (Spring 2016).  Researchers will find it informative and useful.chaplains-cooke-l

One thought on “Civil War Chaplains

  1. I read the article and it has some great information in it. John writes about one of my relatives, Paul Wald, who was dismissed from duty near the end of the war. I’ve been researching Paul for several years and was happy to see an article that included him. Paul went on to become a preacher after the war and married my relative, Barbara Walker. Thanks John for the excellent article!

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