Microfilm Publications by Record Group

Updated 21 October 2020.

This section lists NARA Microfilm Publications ushered into creation by Claire Kluskens from 1994 to 2014, arranged by Record Group (RG). Some microfilm publications contain records of more than one RG.

Record Group 15, Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs

Record Group 21, Records of U.S. District Courts
M1467, M2011, M2012, P2041, P2042, P2044.

Record Group 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel
A3442, M2134.

Record Group 26, Records of the United States Coast Guard
M2136, M2152.

Record Group 28, Records of the Post Office Department
A4209, A4212, M1846, M2075, M2076, M2077.

Record Group 29, Records of the Bureau of the Census
A3469, A3378, M1791, M1792, M1793, M1794, M1795, M1796, M1797, M1798, M1799, M1802, M1803, M1805, M1806, M1807, M1808, M1810, M1811, M1814, M1838, M1870, M1871, M1874, M1876, M1890, M1891, M1896, M1919, M1931, M1932, M2066, M2067, M2068, M2069, M2070, M2073.

Record Group 32, Records of the United States Shipping Board.

Record Group 35, Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Record Group 36, Records of the U.S. Customs Service
A4237, M1895, M2095, M2115, P2262, T1219.

Record Group 41, Records of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation
M1800, M1857, M1861, M1862, M1863, M1864, M1866, M1867, M1873, M1877, M1932, M2034, M2098, M2099, M2100, M2105, M2106, M2107, M2151, M2155, M2158.

Record Group 49, Records of the Bureau of Land Management

Record Group 51, Records of the Office of Management and Budget

Record Group 58, Records of the Internal Revenue Service
M1775, M1776.

Record Group 59, General Records of the Department of State
M1839, M2025.

Record Group 60, General Records of the Department of Justice
M1868, M2010, M2012, M2015, M2028, M2131, M2158.

Record Group 63, Records of the Committee on Public Information

Record Group 75, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
M2043, M2149, M2150, P2008, P2011.

Record Group 76, Records of Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitrations

Record Group 77, Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers
M2063, P2059, P2063.

Record Group 79, Records of the Office of the National Park Service

Record Group 85, Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service
A3361, A3362, A3363, A3365, A3370, A3371, A3374, A3376, A3377, A3379, A3381, A3382, A3384, A3385, A3386, A3388, A3391, A3392, A3393, A3394, A3395, A3396, A3397, A3398, A3400, A3401, A3402, A3403, A3404, A3406, A3407, A3408, A3409, A3410, A3411, A3412, A3413, A3414, A3415, A3416, A3417, A3418, A3419, A3420, A3421, A3422, A3424, A3425, A3426, A3427, A3428, A3429, A3430, A3431, A3432, A3433, A3434, A3435, A3436, A3437, A3438, A3440, A3441, A3443, A3444, A3445, A3446, A3447, A3448, A3449, A3450, A3451, A3452, A3453, A3455, A3456, A3457, A3458, A3459, A3460, A3461, A3462, A3463, A3464, A3465, A3466, A3467, A3470, A3471, A3472, A3475, A3476, A3477, A3478, A3479, A3480, A3481, A3482, A3483, A3484, A3485, A3490, A3491, A3560, A3626, A3641, A3647, A3666, A3678, A3679, A3683, A3687, A3812, A3969, A3975, A3984, A4001, A4025, A4040, A4162, A4188, A4233, A4234, M1320, M1321, M1388, M1477, M1480, M1481, M1482, M1502, M1503, M1504, M1514, M1754, M1755, M1756, M1757, M1759, M1760, M1761, M1763, M1764, M1766, M1768, M1769, M1770, M1771, M1772, M1774, M1777, M1778, M1840, M1842, M1844, M1849, M1850, M1851, M1852, M1868, M1959, M1973, M2005, M2008, M2016, M2017, M2018, M2021, M2024, M2027, M2030, M2032, M2040, M2041, M2042, M2044, M2045, M2046, M2064, M2065, M2071, M2102.

Record Group 92, Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General
M1845, M1916, M2014, M2159.

Record Group 94, Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, 1780’s-1917
M1856, M2019, M2031, M2035, M2063, M2160.

Records of the U.S. Mint

Record Group 109, War Department Collection of Confederate Records
M1781, M2063, M2072.

Record Group 118, Records of U.S. Attorneys and Marshals

Record Group 120, Records of the American Expeditionary Forces (World War I)

Record Group 123, Records of the U.S. Court of Claims

Record Group 125, Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Navy)

Record Group 153, Records of the Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army)

Record Group 181, Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments

Record Group 204, Records of the Office of the Pardon Attorney

Record Group 206, Records of the Solicitor of the Treasury

Record Group 217, Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury
M2079, M2127.

Record Group 249, Records of the Commissary General of Prisoners

Record Group 267, Records of the Supreme Court of the United States
M2012, M2013, M2131.

Record Group 287, Publications of the U.S. Government
M1872, M1919, M2033, T1219.

Record Group 351, Records of the Government of the District of Columbia

Record Group 393, Records of the U.S. Army Continental Commands, 1821-1920
M2031, M2160, M2161, M2162.

Record Group 407, Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, 1917-
M2031, M2035, M2063.

Record Group none, Nonrecord Material
M1809, M1813, M1858, M1859, M2009, M2078, M2153, Z160.

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