NARA Catalog Updated!

The National Archives Catalog was updated over the Labor Day weekend for the first time since April. Updates had been suspended due to technical difficulties, but hopefully the Catalog will again be updated on a regular basis henceforth.

National Archives Catalog Home Page (detail)

I am not conversant with the full extent of the update, but it’s certain that there are many additional series descriptions, file description, item descriptions, and digital images. Here are some examples.

Digital image updates include Maps and Correspondence Relating to Minor Civil Divisions, 1940-1950 from the Bureau of the Census.

Numerous series descriptions for records in Record Group 28, Records of the Post Office Department, have also been added. These are records that the National Archives received after the publication of Arthur E. Hecht, et al., Preliminary Inventory 168, Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Post Office Department, published in 1967. Watch for additional series and file descriptions to be added over the coming months.

File descriptions provide information about contents of specific files. For some examples, here’s a link to files described in the Records of the Post Office Department.

Recently Described Records of the Post Office Department (Record Group 28)

Here are some recently described Records of the Post Office Department (Record Group 28). Further information can be found in the National Archives Catalog.

Records of Postal Stations and Branches at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ca. 1910 – 1952 (NAID 12166787).

Efficiency Reports Concerning City Letter Carriers, 4/1920 – 5/1920 (NAID 12093015) .

Records Concerning City Delivery Allowances, 1912 – 1919 (NAID 12087690).