Recently Described Records of the Post Office Department (Record Group 28)

Here are some recently described Records of the Post Office Department (Record Group 28). Further information can be found in the National Archives Catalog.

Records of Postal Stations and Branches at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ca. 1910 – 1952 (NAID 12166787).

Efficiency Reports Concerning City Letter Carriers, 4/1920 – 5/1920 (NAID 12093015) .

Records Concerning City Delivery Allowances, 1912 – 1919 (NAID 12087690).


CMSRs Part IV, Carded Medical Records

Updated 28 May 2015. The 14th article in a series about records in the National Archives related to Union Civil War personnel is hot off the press. Read Compiled Military Service Records, Part IV, Carded Medical Records.